Canine World

Canine World is dedicated to providing services that enhance and enrich canine lives.

Three Core Service Areas

Our three core services encompass launching new franchised sites, services to improve existing independents and a range of systems that are legislatively compliant.

Franchising Creches

We have two programs under our franchising department, stand-alone Creche’s and dog walking under the separate Nana Creche brand.

The Canine World franchising program is proven to assist people to change their lives and own a business they can be passionate about.  We provide our franchise owners with all the tools, training and support they need to thrive within the fast-growing pet care industry.

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Our consultancy services are offered to people embarking independently outside of our franchise program.

You could be: -
- Opening a Dog Day Care facility and require assistance
- An existing standalone facility who has received a questionable rating from EHO, or simply need help in turning their business around.

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We have a custom designed online operating system, which is fit for function and assists the day to day operations of all Dog Day Care facilities.

It is compliant with Animal Regulations, Fire procedures and is an invaluable tool that minimises time spent on administrative tasks. We do not know how we would function without it!

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The Difference

We have turned the canine care industry on it’s head in the UK!

We have changed the traditional model of kenneling and dog day care to inspiring service levels, that provide complete peace of mind
to our two legged clients and enjoyment, fun and enrichment to our four-legged clients.

We are a transparent company and do everything we can to ensure that our service is fluid and can be viewed by our clients.

The pet care industry is growing at a phenomenal rate and our company surpasses the national economic growth rate, this is largely
due to creating an evolving business that is the trail blazer for innovation, ensuring that structure and supervision contribute to our
enviable safety levels.


Suffolk Canine Creche started in 2011 as a possible idea and was then launched and finally opened in January 2012 in a small unit just outside central Ipswich.

It was the middle of the credit crunch, however the business quickly reached capacity. After 18 months it had a waiting list and an established “fan club”, it really became a community.

Whilst coping with the demands of the business and keeping the brand and name prominent, while having no spaces and literally turning away clients, much larger premises were secured and, after three years of trading, Suffolk Canine Creche relocated.

Reopening over the weekend (phew!) with Day Care Creche, the new Hotel @ The Creche, on-site Grooming Salon and Spa, Fluff The Ruff.   Following soon behind was the Swimming Pool and then the now famous Puppy Paw-ties.

Suffolk Canine Creche is our Head Office for all our service brands, its where everyone is trained and new services are trialed. It is the “mother ship”.


Our founder is Candace Rose, who with a long established career in HR & Recruitment left her stable career in the middle of the credit crunch (most people thought her a little mad – barking mad maybe!)

However, launch she did and she now has the success story it is today. From learning fast about which premises would work, making building mistakes along the way, planning applications were a complete minefield and legislation did not compliment her vision.

What might look good on paper never really worked out….with no book to follow and no format to copy, every idea had to be thought up and invented…a process which has provided the building blocks for the innovation that the industry follows today.

So after many many NO’s, slowly she turned these into YES’s, some issues were bigger than others, but eventually she opened her dream and took her dogs to work with her.