Consultancy services are offered to people who are opening a Dog Day Care facility and require assistance with, various aspects of planning, help with questionable EHO ratings, or simply need help in turning their business around.

Our Consultancy Services fall into the following areas :-


  • Planning Applications
    Applying or planning is an arduous task, normal objections that are incredibly difficult to overcome are barking and noise, we
    eradicate this for the outset by being able to prove that our style of Canine Creches and operations do NOT have barking.
  • We use our architects who are experienced at being able to incorporate design, animal regulations as well as fire regs and planning department requirements to overcome all potential objections
  • We ensure that the design works, remember…you have never worked in this environment, you really do not know what is
    required, building refurbishments and redesigns are costly and unnecessary when utilising our expertise
  • We invite Planners and EHO to visit premises to see it all for themselves, we also go ‘live’ via video conferencing for those further afield and provide them with a ‘live’ tour of the facility.
  • We are the barrier that protects you from making costly mistakes

Animal Licence Ratings

  • Animal License Rating Improvements
    A poor animal license rating from Environmental Health can really impact your business, we can address the issues, organise
    solutions and have proven experience at raising those ratings to the highest possible scores.
  • New Licence Applications
    We can get you ready for that first inspection and ensure you achieve the highest a new business can achieve.
  • We have the infrastructure, processes and technology to keep you compliant and future proof you for future inspections.

Processes & Procedures

  • Our Intranet holds over 400 documents that cover every process and procedure that you need on a day to day basis, these
    assist with your licence ratings of course however they are instrumental in running a successful dog day care business.

Training & Assessments

  • We offer full training for owners and/or their staff at our mother ship – Suffolk Canine Creche. This facility has a day care licence
    for 80 dogs per day, boarding in the overnight hotel for 20 dogs per night as well as a Grooming Spa, full size swimming pool and
    hosts our famous Puppy Parties.
  • Training can cover many area’s or one single element, giving you a choice of options from learning how to Temperament Test through
    to a complete three week intense course which encompasses every aspect of a Canine Creche.
  • We can assess your staff and identify skills gaps, prepare training plans for you.

Business Review & Restructure

  • A complete review and possible restructure service covering all aspects of your business, whilst focusing on Reputation
    and Revenue.