Franchising Creches

Canine World is proven to operate and launch premier care facilities for pooches, that puts the needs of dogs and their loving parents first.

Why a franchise?

Within our franchise system you have the security of knowing you are never alone and we always have the answers.

We have made all the mistakes (costly or not!) and developed all our processes and procedures so that you don’t have to.

If you’re asking yourself these type of questions, we can help.

  • How do you choose a business?
  • How do you find a location?
  • How do you start to market it? When?
  • How do I keep the dogs safe? How does it actually work?
  • Where do I start? And the list of questions simply grows…

We have worked with a vast array of people from all sorts of backgrounds, again, we know who has the skill sets and determination to succeed and who does not!

This is a life altering and exciting experience, it is a huge decision and also pretty scary!

Start your journey with us and see the level of marketing, operations and support that is available with us. The decision to choose us will be an easy one!

Canine Creches

We help our franchisees from the start, to secure a building, custom design it, get your planning application, obtain the animal licence, open your creche and start to care for those pooches!

Keeping you compliant with all legislation, supporting you at every stage of the way.

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Nana Creche

If operating your own stand alone facility is a step too far for you, or you cannot raise the initial capital required, we have another option to join our team of Nana’s who all operate form their homes but with the support, training and procedures from a bigger brand.

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Why Canine World?

We are the Franchisors for Award Winning, Dog Day Care businesses, a market leader in the UK with phenomenal results.

We have a reputation for inspiring service levels, our policy is always safety first and we offer a luxury upscale service to a dog loving clientele. We are Canine World.

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We are pawsitively excited about your interest in our dog care franchise opportunity.

Of course, it’s a given that you simply love dogs, so we’d like to give you the chance to become a leader of your own Pack, our revenue streams include:

  • Dog Day Care
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Re-Tail
  • Puppy Paw-Ties
  • Dog Walking
  • Swim Club
  • Sitting
  • Post Operative Care

Contact us for an info pack and application form today and take the first steps to owning a company you can passionate about.