Canine Creches

We help our franchisees from the start, to secure a building, custom design it, get your planning application, obtain the animal licence, open your creche and start to care for those pooches!

The PAW-FECT Business Model

Keeping you compliant with all legislation, supporting you at every stage of the way.
Growing a client base, marketing, recruiting and training staff, caring for the pooches, assessing risk and ensuring safety. Every aspect you could possibly require to develop a successful business with an enviable reputation – it is what we do!

Our franchises services are scalable, and offers multiple streams, (business experts always advise that this is the way to go!) This empowers franchise owners to maximize their earnings potential while striving to attain customers’ needs and the safety and enrichment of their pooches.

Our revenue streams include:
Dog Day Care, Boarding, Grooming, Puppy Paw-ties, Swim Club & Re-tail.

Our core service is day care, but many of our franchisees offer a variety of services and some have future plans to launch new services, much of the decision does depend on inward investment and the size of your building.


  1. Complete an application form
  2. Attend a meeting in Suffolk (once approved)
  3. Attend a commencement meeting
  4. Finance arrangements and Contract Signing
  5. Welcome to our family!


The estimated initial investment to establish a Dog Day Care Centre will ultimately depend upon the extent of the building refurbishment project.  The building refurb really does vary and we have worked on a range from £3,000 – £110,000 (though the latter was unusual and large) We believe that starter buildings are likely to be around £8,000 – £20,000.

We have extensive spreadsheets that are available to you once you have progressed through a number of stages with us however the overall spend (without building costs) is likely to be in the region of £65,00-£85,000, this includes complete working Capital for one year and the Franchising Fees. (You do not require the full amount from the first day), as this does include the first years working capital and that cost is attributed throughout the first 12 months.

The cash flow plan also allows for invest repayment as well as salaries, and can be adjusted to match all situations


Contact us for an info pack and application form today and take the first steps to owning a company you can passionate about.